Social Media

Almost everyone is now on social media. BAB International Corp. has largely supported our clients to establish their presence on social networks relevant to their business. We have formulated numerous social media strategies and run massive range of social media campaigns with clients having varied budget ranges and business circumstances.

BAB being a social media agency will ensure that our clients communicate with both their customers and potential clients throughout the social media platforms which seem to have taken over the online world. Visibility in social media is extremely important, as well as attracting customers, which is why we offer solutions tailored to each platform. Our experience gained in this field, over the years, is the key in all this process.

  1. One platform to connect to several social media platforms to provide several services from Service Ordering to Order Delivery, Order tracking to Customer Support
  2. Facebook : Integrate With Facebook Business Account to communicate with your customers over Facebook
  3. Twitter: Integrate With Twitter Business Account to communicate with your customers over Twitter