Natural Language Processing - NLP helps technology to engage in communication using natural human language. NLP aids in the process of turning unstructured data into structured data. As a result, we can establish a conversation with virtual technology in order to accomplish tasks and answer questions.

Natural Language Understanding - NLU is a component of NLP. It is a subset of the understanding and comprehension part of NLP. Natural language understanding interprets the meaning that the user communicates and classifies it into proper intents. For example, it is relatively easy for humans who speak the same language to understand each other, although mispronunciations, choice of vocabulary or phrasings may complicate this. NLU is responsible for this task of distinguishing what is meant by applying a range of processes such as text categorization, content analysis and sentiment analysis, which enables the machine to handle different inputs.

BAB supports businesses through customer experience management and automated personal customer assistants utilizing NLP and NLU. Businesses are now able to provide meticulous, relevant answers to customer requests on their first contact itself.